Bactarian Camel Safari, Nubra Valley

Tiger Camp  BacteriaanCamel Tiger Camp Ladakh
Tiger Camp  Bacterian Camel Ride Tiger Camp Ladakh
The Bactarian camel safari at the Nubra Valley is sure to give you a different experience. These camels are not the usual ones that you get to see in pictures or in Rajasthan. These camels have two humps and you can ride from Hunder to Turtuk.

Panamik Village

Panamik village is the capital of Ladakh and is at a height of 3183 meters above sea level. The road further leads to Siachen Base Camp. This village lies on the banks of the Nubra river and is well known for its hot water spring, Pashmina goats and bacterian camels which have two humps. The view of the sun-capped peaks and green valleys are truly mesmerizing.

Tiger Camp  Panamik Village Tiger Camp Ladakh

Samstanling Monastery, Nubra Valley

Samstanling Monastery was founded by Lama Tsultim Nima 140 years ago and is in Sumlur village. The monastery houses 50 monks and this is the main monastery of the region. Around the monastery, the landscape is enchanted with the yellow-red trees, vibrant and colorful prayer flags, berry bushes and assures you the best panorama.

Tiger Camp  Samstling Monestry Ladakh Tiger Camp

Maitreya Buddha

This Buddha is 32 meters tall and is facing towards the Shyok river. It is said that this statue was built to protect the village from wars and to promote peace.

Tiger Camp, Ladakh  Maitreya Buddha Tiger Camp Ladakh

Sumur Sand Dunes

The Sumur Sand Dunes is one of the most blissful works of nature. This place is calm and serene. You can find mountains all around. This place is a home for Bactarian camels and these are no ordinary camels and have two humps.

Tiger Camp  Sumur Sand dunes Ladakh Tiger Camp

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